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Covrex Automatic Pool CoversCovrex slatted swimming pool cover
Covrex Slatted Pool Covers

This advanced technology is the result of intensive research and over 40 years of experience in the field of plastic materials.

Their professional team realised in early 2000 that none of the traditional pool covers on the market responded to the increasing customer need and demand for ecological and economical solutions.

For this reason they developed and patented (with a world wide patent) a new highly insulating pool cover, that differentiates itself from traditional pool covers by the fact that the slats are solid (instead of classic hollow slats).


The main advantage of solid slats is that they allow Covrex® pool covers to keep the heat in the pool; the slats have a thermal conductivity of 0.12. Heating up swimming pools, even with solar power, makes no sense if the warmth is not kept inside the pool when the sun is not shining, or the heat source is turned off.

Covrex® slats allow you the benefit from your pool during a longer season, and minimizes heat losses during nights and cold days.

Covrex slatted swimming pool coverRESISTANCE

Research carried out over a period of more than 3 years has produced a technology offering all-year-round weather resistance:

Unlike the traditional covers, which are damaged by hailstorms and frost, Covrex® covers are 100% hail- and frost-resistant (under warranty). Furthermore, thanks to the materials used, Covrex® pool covers withstand the most extreme winter temperatures, all the way down to -40C while maintaining their flexibility.

This allows users to leave their Covrex® cover on their pool during the entire winter, without having to add an extra protection on top, and without having to decrease water level. While traditional covers warp under high temperatures, the materials used in the new Covrex® covers mean that they will not lose their shape in temperatures of up to 100C.

What’s more in the autumn season when leaves and dirt can get between the slats in your cover no longer present any problems with Covrex®. Thanks to profiles with flexible seams, there are no gaps between the slats, which prevents any build-up of dirt.


One of the aims of Covrex® is to offer maximum safety.

The Covrex® pool covers have been developed on the basis of the strict French safety standards NF P90-308, relating to pool covers, with which they are fully compliant.

Covrex® pool covers are perfectly safe for children, and even adults, to stand and walk on when installed with a handrail or ledge.




Covrex being testedRAU-PVC 1700 (PVC-UE) - RAU-PVC 10406(PVC-U) - RAU-PUR-2720 (Polyurethane)

Tear propagation resistance of the "PUR" polyurethane hinge to "ISO 34/1" in N / mm >= 55

Tensile strength of the hinge in N to "ISO 527" (measured on a 255mm-long profile sample, speed 50mm/min) >= 150

Coefficient of linear expansion in 1/*K to "DIN 73752" ca.0,8*10-4

Artificial weathering "xenotest 1200" cycle 102: 18 min, 4000h to "ISO 4892" gray scale > stage 3

Weight per m2 in kg Env. 7.0

Load capacity in kg/m2 Env. 4,4


Covrex slatted cover colours Covrex® covers come in three colour ranges:

  • Light-blue (RAL 5024).
  • White (RAL 9001), the ideal colour for interior pools.
  • Silex grey (RAL 7032): the most discreet and resistant to soiling.

All colours are available in stock up to 6m wide, and on demand up to 12m wide.




Covrex Slatted Pool Covers can be installed in many ways (click on image for more details)

Please contact one of our Sales Engineers to discuss further:

Covrex Top Mount Case
Covrex Top Mount Case

Covrex Standard Underwater Mount Drive System
Covrex Standard Underwater Mount Drive System

Pool Bottom Fixed Lid
Pool Bottom Fixed Lid

In pool bench (pool bottom.)
In pool bench (pool bottom.)

Pool Wall Cave
 Pool Wall Cave

Top Mount Case
Top Mount Case

Underwater Mount with Overflow Skimmer
Underwater Mount with Overflow Skimmer


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