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Ocea slatted covers and drive mechanisms are custom-designed and specified for individual swimming pools.

Brookforge integrate the cover into the design of your swimming pool prior to construction, or as part of a refurbishment/upgrade.

Ocea® covers provide many important benefits to the pool owner/operator:


Around 85% of heat loss from a pool is via evaporation loss - a slatted cover greatly reduces this loss.

Ocea® covers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor pools.

Ocea manufactures solar heating slatted covers for outdoor pools – the specially designed slats capture the sun's energy, transferring the heat into the water, which raises the temperature by several degrees on a fine day.

Ocea slatted swimming pool coverCHEMICAL SAVINGS

Slatted covers reduce water treatment chemical consumption (and expense!) by minimizing evaporation and the reduction of contamination of the water by organic pollution.


The slatted cover is operated electronically by the turn of a key – keeping children and pets safe from danger.When a safety ledge or handrails are incorporated into the swimming pools design, the Ocea pool cover is recognised as a Safety Cover, which conforms to the French AFNOR safety standard.

MECHANISMOcea slatted swimming pool cover technical

Ocea Classic Drive

The slatted cover motor is situated in an external chamber ("motor pit") at the side of the pool, adjacent to the cover.

The quality 24-volt motor is sized according to the dimensions of the swimming pool.

The stainless steel roller carrying the slatted cover is borne on double ball bearings in the pool wall, which guarantees wear-resistance of the water seals.

Ocea Logic Drive

The Logic motor developed by Ocea is sealed inside the roller, which is then submerged in the pool. The Logic drive system eliminates the need for an external pit.


Aqua Technology provides the broadest range of colours in Ocea® covers, chosen to harmonise with the pool lining and surroundings.

Ocea slatted cover colours


Ocea covers can be installed in many ways, please contact one of our Sales Engineers to discuss:

Ocea Pool Bottom Fixed Hatch
Ocea Pool Bottom Fixed Hatch

Ocea Pool Bottom Motorized Hatch
Ocea Pool Bottom Motorized Hatch

Ocea Back Wall Cave
Ocea Back Wall Cave

Ocea Letterbox Wet Pit
Ocea Letterbox Wet Pit

Ocea Multibox Exotic Wood
Ocea Multibox Exotic Wood

Ocea Multibox Simple
Ocea Multibox Simple

Ocea Deck Level Slatted Cover

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