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Covrex® is a product and brand name of LPW Corporate which has been active in the swimming pool industry since more than 40 years, and is one of Europe’s leading pool producers.

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Covrex® automatic pool cover was designed by their engineers in 2003, after they realised that no existing pool cover on the market met the requirements of their customer, which were looking for a secure, long lasting and insulating solution for their pools.

As lots of their customers were complaining about hollow pool covers damaged by hail, or other weather conditions, their team designed a foam filled slat that would be more resistant and have a longer life span.

Covrex® slats almost immediately encountered a great success in the swimming pool industry. Rapidly demand increased and crossed their national borders to reach entire Europe. By 2006, a new version of the slats were released, that improved even more the solidity, the insulation, and the ease to maintain of our covers. This version of Covrex® is the one currently available on the market.

The slats are cut on size, and the drive systems are produced in their factory, located in Aarschot (Belgium), where they also produce high quality polyester pools (about 380/year) since the mid 80’s. 52 persons are employed both for the Covrex® department and the swimming pool department.

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