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Accu-Tab Calcium Hypochlorite Tablet Feeder Updated 07/11/08

Accutab cut awayAccutab 25kg

Brookforge are an appointed specialist dealer/installer of the Accutab system. We installed the very first Accutab system brought into the UK in 2001 and have installed many since. The Accutab system delivers crystal clear water with minimum hassle.

Accutab chlorinatorsAccu-Tab systems dose calcium hypochlorite in solution, via large bore pipework and injection fittings - this feature greatly reduces blockages associated with other calcium hypochlorite tablet feeders - saving a great deal of time & money on maintenance.

Accu-Tab systems can be used stand-alone, or controlled via automatic dosing equipment - Brookforge recommend the Biolab PoolWise controller as a perfect companion.

Main Features

  • High reliability
  • Low maintenance system
  • Consistent, effective & accurate chlorine delivery
  • Accu-Tab 3" blue calcium hypochlorite tablets have 65% available chlorine
  • Accu-Tab tablets have added scale inhibitor

Brookforge & Accu-Tab

We have been responsible for much of the field research and product development, of AccuTab systems, and have custom made systems for a number of pools - please contact our technical sales team to discuss how we can provide your pool with the low maintenance solution to calcium hypochlorite dosing.

CODE Description RRP Disc Offer  
  Accu-Tab Calcium Hypo Tablets
PPGA25B AccuTab Tablets 25kg 124.00 P.O.A. Please call
  PPG Accu-Tab Chlorinators
PPGA3012 AccuTab 3012 Chlorinator
300.00 25% 225.00
PPGA3075 AccuTab 3075 Chlorinator
700.00 25% 525.00
PPGA3150 AccuTab 3150 Chlorinator
950.00 25% 712.50
  Certikin Accu-Tab PowerBase Systems
PPGA3012P Accu-Tab 3012 Certikin PowerBase Chlorination Unit
3700.00 25% 2775.00
PPGA3075P Accu-Tab 3075 Certikin PowerBase Chlorination Unit 4350.00 25% 3262.50
PPGA3150P Accu-Tab 3150 Certikin PowerBase Chlorination Unit 4750.00 25% 3562.50
  Brookforge Accu-Tab Systems
BF3012 Brookforge Custom Built Systems - Prices from £ 500.00   POA   Please Call

Please note all stated prices exclude VAT @ 20%