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Astral Atlas Filter

Astral Atlas Filter

Made from reinforced Polyester resin & fibreglass, with a superior gel-coat finish. The union of the two bodies of the filter is carried out through a seal specially reinforced with fibreglass and polyester resin.
Large dianmeter plastic lid for easy access.

Flow Rates & Sand Fill for each Filter:
500mm - Sand 120 Kg's
600mm - Sand 190 Kg's
750mm - Sand 360 Kg's
900mm - Sand 580 Kg's (Multiport valves not included.)

CODE Description Diameter mm Filtration Velocity m3/h/m2 Outlet inches Flow m3/h Retail
Sale Price
Sale Price
36596 Atlas 500 side 545 50 1.5" 9,5 £876.00 £657.00 £788.40
36597 Atlas 600side 640 50 1.5" 15 £940.00 £705.00 £846.00
36598 Atlas750 side 790 50 2" 22 £1,336.00 £1,002.00 £1,202.40
36599 Atlas 900 side 940 50 2,5" 32 £1,684.00 £1,263.00 £1,515.60


Choosing Atlas Range.


1-Safety, resistance and product durability.

2-The careful exterior design creates a strong visual impact.

3-Ensures higher performance and greater efficiency.

4-Up to 25% more filtration capacity and therefore a more efficient filter performance.

5-Careful cover desing avoids any leakage and possible resistance damage.

6-Easier installation and greater margin of use.

7-As is the case with all premium model filters on the market.

8-Greater connection resistance and durability.

9-Allows manual pressure control in the filter's Interior.

10-Allows for the fast and convenient replacement of the filter's sand and water.

11-Cover fitted to facilitate emptying the filter sand.

12-Increase safety in the case of hammer blows or unusually high pressures.

10 year guarantee. (see disclaimer)

The Atlas has a guarantee which is more comprehensive than usual and rigorously conforms to European regulations.


Other Astral Atlas Filters Available Please Call For Details

Please note all stated swimming pool filter prices exclude VAT @ 20%

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