Brookforge swimming pool engineers

Trouble Shooter

The following table helps to solve problems with pool water

Algae Growth

Sunlight dissipating disinfectant
High cyanuric acid level

Ensure disinfectant level adequate; Use algicide
Dilute to reduce cyanuric acid level

Alkalinity High   Lower with an acid
Alkalinity Low   Raise with sodium bicarbonate
Brown Staining Iron in water, corrosion of plant Check water balance & adjust and/or Brown Water; Use flocculent and sequestrant
Calcium Hardness Too High Build up of hardness salts Dilute the pool
Calcium Hardness Too Low Soft water supply Raise to 200 mg/l and maintain with calcium chloride
Chlorine too High
Bleaching of DPD Tablet
Over Chlorination Dosing system fault Use Chlorine Reducer or Dilute Check dosing system
Chlorine Too Low Under Chlorination
Dosing System Fault
Direct Sunlight
Check dosing system & for blocked chlorine injectors
Use algaecide if algae present
Cloudy Water Heavy bathing load; Inadequate disinfection; high cyanuric acid level; Problem with filters Check disinfection & combined chlorine; Dilute pool as required; Check filters, backwash and use flocculant.
Green Staining Copper in water precipitating Test for copper; Check water balance & adjust; Use flocculant & sequestrant.
Green Water Algae
High Cyanuric Acid Level
Check disinfectant level; use algaecide Check & dilute as required
pH too Low

Acidic product being used
Acid detergent cleaner used

Add pH plus (sodium carbonate)
pH too High Alkaline product being used Alkaline detergent cleaner used Add acid (e.g. Sodium Bisulphate or Hydrochloric Acid) to reduce
pH Unstable Low alkalinity Check & raise with Sodium Bicarbonate
Salty Water T.D.S. too high Reduce by dilution
Scale Formation Water out of balance Check and adjust

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