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Underwater LED lighting is easy to install in pools & spas to create a variety of stunning effects using small but exceptionally powerful lights. Connect up to 4 SaVi notes lights to a single M4 controller or use multiple controllers on larger installations. The new M4-RB controller offers similar functions to the existing M4-Control but with the addition of ‘Rainbow Chase’ an exciting sequential colour change feature. The SaVi Melody lights are the same in operation to the Notes and require a 12v transformer . The SaVi Note and Melody light fittings are housed in our 1.5" return fittings and are installed between 100 and 1000mm below water level making them ideal for highlighting steps and swim out areas. A minimum of four lights are required to illuminate a pool size of 5m x 10m.

Fibre optic lighting does not require electricity within the
cable itself, making it ideal for lighting solutions in or near
water. Simple to install, multiple lighting options are available
through a single illuminator which can provide a range of
colour choices together with options to control speed, colour
transition and remote operation. Our sales team will help
you select the combination of products you require for your
project and provide you with specification and pricing.
Note: The lighter the pool finish the better the lighting effect.

Astral - Underwater Light - LED Lighting
Nexxus LED Lighting
CODE Description     Offer
12 87 067 240 SaVi LED Light Controller M4-SA - Controls up to 4 SaVi lights     POA
12 87 067 245 SaVi LED Light Controller M4-RB - Controls up to 4 SaVi lights     POA
12 87 067 280 SaVi LED Light Controller M4-DMX - Controls up to 4 SaVi Note lights     POA
12 87 067 200 SaVi LED Light with 100' cable     POA
12 87 067 500 SaVi Wall Fitting - Panel/Liner     POA
12 87 067 550 SaVi Note Wall Fitting Concrete / Fibreglass     POA
12 87 706 570 SaVi Note Stainless Steel Escutcheon / Cover Plate- 95mm     POA
12 87 706 572 SaVi Stainless Steel Escutcheon/Cover Plate - 115mm     POA
12 87 067 088 SaVi Note Lens Key - Liner     POA
12 87 067 089 SaVi Note Lens Key - Concrete     POA
12 87 067 300 SaVi Note Lens Key     POA
12 87 067 300 SaVi Melody LED Pool Light with 100' Cable and Built-In Controller     POA
12 87 067 400 SaVi Melody Blanco (White) LED Pool Light with 100' Cable     POA
12 70 706 200 Moonlight Remote with Transformer     POA


Nexxus Pool Underwater Lights

Please note all stated swimming pool under water light prices exclude VAT @ 20%