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Ardex Adhesives and GroutsHigh Performance Powdered Adhesives
Tile and mosaic adhesives for swimming pools and surrounding areas

Epoxy Adhesive and Grout

Ardex WA White
Ardex WA White

Size (pack): 4kg grey or white, 2kg white
Coverage: as an adhesive, 4kg units sufficient for approx 1.4 sq m of tiles or 2.2 sq m of medium or small mosaics. Coverage as a grout: 0.21kg/m² to 2.2kg/m² depending on tile size and joint width - see literature.

White or grey epoxide adhesive and grout for use in wet areas, including swimming pools, easy to apply and clean off. For internal and external applications. Use where high standards of hygiene and cleanliness are required. Solvent free. Waterproof and frost resistant. For wall and floor tile joints 2-12mm wide.

ARDEX WA adhesive and grout is used for specialised applications because of its high strength and resistance. This means that ARDEX WA will withstand aqueous salt solutions and alkalis, a number of mineral and organic acids, organic solvents and solutions and in particular cleaning agents. In fact ARDEX WA is eminently suitable for abatoirs, dairies, commercial kitchens, breweries, sugar factories, silos, stables, laboratories and battery rooms.

ARDEX WA is classified as R2 T (improved reaction resin adhesive with additional characteristics and reduced slip) in accordance with BS EN 12004.

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