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Skamper-Ramp (Updated 06/02/09)

Super Skamper-Ramp

  • Suitable for animals up to 100Kgs
  • Fits nearly all types of swimming pool
  • Ideal for boats and marinas
  • Pets and animals can escape on their own
  • Protects vinyl pools from claws
  • Sturdy, durable construction
  • UV and chemical resistant
  • Works on the premise that all living things see white
  • Super Skamper-Ramp® - SKR3 - 5.95 lbs (~ 2.7 kg) boxed, and  4.75 lb (2.2 kg) when assembled.
  • 2 year warranty against product defect

Super Skamper-Ramp
CODE Description      
SKR3  Super Skamper-Ramp (106 cm x  33 cm x 16 cm)       


The Skamper-Ramp works on the premise that all living things see white. Animals see the ramp breaking the water's surface and leading out of the pool or back onto the boat or dock. Whether used pool-side or attached to the stern of a boat or to a dock, the Skamper-Ramp provides pets and animals with a stress-free means of getting out of the water all by themselves, and their owner with peace-of-mind, knowing their pet will be able to take care of itself if it becomes panicked.

Animals will instinctively head for the closest edge of the pool and start clawing their way around the edge, looking for the exit they remember is there, somewhere. For owners of vinyl-lined pools this is an extremely expensive problem, as the entire liner may have to be replaced or at least repaired if it is ripped or torn.


Ducklings Escaping Pool
Dog Escapes Pool on Ramp


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